About Us


Here 4 U is a nonprofit organization determined to make a difference in the lives of our veterans, foster care centers, children, and families in need by hosting fundraising events and accepting generous, charitable donations.


Hundreds of thousands of families will suffer from homelessness each year, including one in every 45 children, that is triggered from unemployment, a lack of affordable housing, health and mental health challenges, experiences of violence, and much more. We are striving to provide support to these families and children throughout Columbus, Ohio, and internationally when able.


In addition, Here 4 U will be offering aid to our local veterans and their families who, after returning home from service and reentering civilian life, have fallen on difficult times. Issues can range from unemployment and homelessness, to substance abuse and mental disorders such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression.


If you are spring cleaning, moving or looking to donate any of these items below to help our charity, feel free to contact us!


We accept donations below so we can resell and earn cash to give back:

  • Cash Donations
  • Collectibles/Antiques
  • Slightly used toys (current or vintage)
  • Your old comic, cards or other collections 
  • Food related gift cards

We also accept ALL new items below to be given directly:

  • New clothes (adults and children)
  • New household items
  • New toys
  • Sporting equipment
  • New Electronics

*Inappropriate items to donate include: furniture, overly large items, home décor, dishes and silverware, etc. However, these items will be accepted and picked up by our other charities we work with.  Such as the Furniture Bank.  We are more and happy to accept and forward on such donations and appreciate your gift/s


While new toys, new clothing, food gift cards and ALL other new items given will be personally handed out to children, families, veterans, and foster care centers in need.  The majority of the used donated/items we receive will be sold at local or online auctions to raise money for our charity. The money received will then be divided between local veterans, struggling families and foster care centers.

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